Radoslav Gazo, B.Sc.

mailto: rgazo AT shaw DOT ca

Website: http://radogazo.com

Summary of Qualifications

Summary of Professional Skills

TechnologyLength UsedLast Used
Software Development15+ yearsCurrent
Leading Projects6+ yearsCurrent
Unit/Func Testing8 yearsCurrent
Go (Golang)< 1 yearCurrent
Symfony2, Laravel
12+ yearsCurrent
JavaScript, jQuery, Vue.js,
CSS, Bootstrap3
12+ yearsCurrent
SQL, MySQL, Postgres,
12+ yearsCurrent
Akamai ESI
Apache Cloudstack
2 yearsCurrent
Java4 years2014 (CQ5, AEM)
UML, OOD10 yearsRecent
Other (C,C++,ASM,VB)7 yearsFew years ago
WindowsMany yearsCurrent
Unix/LinuxMany yearsCurrent

Professional Experience

Lead Software Engineer (Remote) - Multibrain - Vancouver, BC - 12/15 - Present
  • Multibrain (http://multibrain.me) is a social selling platform for entrepreneurs.
  • Designed and developed core components of Multibrain applications (Social notifications, CRM, User Tips, Analytics components, Mass mailer)
  • Participated in development of Multibrain components like Social posting, login flows, data administration etc.
  • Environment: PHP, Laravel, JavaScript/Node.js, Vue.js; Lambda AWS; Postgres;
CTO / Co-founder - SettleUp (backed by Stanley Park Ventures) - Vancouver, BC - 04/16 - 01/17
  • Analyzed business requirements and formulated specifications
  • Prepared work-requirements for front-end devs
  • Designed and developed web application handling debt collection workflows
  • Developed components communicating with Salesforce API
  • Environment:Go (Golang), JavaScript/Node.js, Vue.js; Postgres; Salesforce API
Director of Engineering - 49 Research - Vancouver, BC 07/08 - 06/16
  • Analyzing Business Requirements and Formulating Software Specifications
  • Preparing Budgets, Project Proposals and Business Contracts
  • Managing a Team of Software Developers; Project Management
Software Development
  • Electronic Arts:
    - Developed Online Components (User profiles, Rapid development of Game websites)
  • Developed Advertising and Virtual Currency Monetization Solution For a Social Network
  • Analysed, Designed and Developed Online Demurrage System for a Large Canadian Oil and Gas Corporation
  • Developed Data Mining Tool for SBBC (Small Business BC)
  • Created a Rapid Development Framework for PHP
  • Developed Custom E-Commerce Solutions
  • Environment:Go (Golang), PHP, JavaScript, DHTML, AJAX, CSS; SQL, MySQL, Postgres; Linux, Windows; SkinnyMVC, Symfony, Symfony2, Akamai ESI;
Lead Software Engineer - Electronic Arts - Vancouver, BC - 09/12 - 03/15
  • Design and development of a new Web platform (Spark) used by other EA Pulse teams for rapid development of high-performing marketing websites
  • Leading a team of developers creating the new Web platform, ensuring timely delivery of projects and following of processes
  • Conducting presentations and training sessions
  • Developed components for Pulse websites
  • Environment: PHP, Symfony 2; JavaScript, Java (AEM - Adobe Experience Manager); JCR, MySQL, Akamai ESI language; Linux
CTO - Droppeo - Vancouver, BC 04/15 - 06/16
  • Designed application architecture and implemented components of responsive Social Shopping App Droppeo.com
  • Prepared specifications and planned milestones
  • Managing server and cloud infrastructure
  • Environment: PHP, Bootstrap 3, PCRE Regex, MySQL, Ionic / Cordova; Linux; Apache Cloudstack
Senior Software Engineer / Consultant - Hootsuite - 02/12 - 08/12
  • Responsible for design, development and maintenance of Hootsuite acquired software, including http://whatthetrend.com and http://geotoko.com
  • Developing components for Hootsuite Social Management Dashboard
  • Environment: PHP, Zend Framework, Code Igniter; MongoDB, RabbitMQ; Linux
Founder - Favedeal - Vancouver, BC 12/11 - 08/13
  • Founder of favedeal.com - a shopping wish list with universal price tracker and price history
  • Analysis, software design and complete development and operation of Favedeal
  • Set up Development, QA/Test and Production environments and maintaining servers
  • Preparing budgets and advertising.
  • Environment: PHP, SkinnyMVC, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS; SQL, MySQL, Linux, Windows;
Senior Software Engineer/Consultant - Navarik - Vancouver, BC 01/08 - 05/08
  • Analysed, Designed and Developed Components and Features for Navarik Inspection - Cargo Inspection System for the Petroleum Industry.
  • Conducted Product Presentations and Learning Sessions for Developers
  • Environment: PHP, JavaScript, DHTML, AJAX, CSS, SQL, Oracle; Apache; Linux, Windows; PHPUnit; Scrum project management;
Senior Software Engineer/Consultant - Top Producer - Vancouver, BC 03/07 - 12/07
  • Responsible for Research, Design and Development of Software Solutions for the Real Estate Industry, Including Work on Top Producer Proprietary Systems
  • Developed TopProducer blogs based on Wordpress MU (WPMU)
  • Designed and Developed Integration Points between Various Top Producer Solutions
  • Environment: PHP, JavaScript, DHTML, AJAX, CSS, MySQL; ASP; SOAP, FIM; Apache (Xampp); Windows XP; FreeBSD; Team Foundation; WAST, NeoLoad;
Senior Software Engineer/Tech. Project Lead - aQuantive/Accipiter/BidClix - Vancouver, BC 06/04 - 02/07
  • Managed and Performed the Design and Development of Core Components of BidClix High Traffic Ad Network (Ad Serving, Database Operations/Design, UI,Localization)
  • Responsible for Setting Up Systems For a Private Label Partner (Sympatico/MSN) with an Expected Revenue of $150000/Month. Supervising and Managing a Team of 4 Developers and a Design Artist, Communicating With the Partner, Specifying and Documenting Requirements and Requests.
  • Developed New Technologies Used in Internet Advertising, which include Features like Text Analysis, Live Website Modifications (on Client Side), Web-crawling and Indexing, while Maintaining Cross-Browser Compatibility (IE, Mozilla, Netscape)
  • Developed New Features for a Web-Based Admin Area (customer accounts, manager accounts, developers accounts, etc)
  • Provided Webserver and Database Stress Testing (CURL, Siege), Comparative Tests and Code Optimizations; Developing Unit Tests
  • Environment: PHP, JavaScript, DHTML, AJAX, XML, CSS; MySQL; Apache; Linux, Windows XP, 2000, 9x; Subversion CVS
Lead Software Engineer - Onison Corp. - Vancouver, BC 07/03 - 02/04
  • Provided Design and Development of Advanced Web-Applications:
    • Image Director - Browser-based cross-media management tool that allows companies to share pre-press images, media files (audio/video), documents and presentations amongst their corporate affiliates.
    • Taggon content management system and Web Top Publishing
    • Preeon . online page design tool
  • Provided Complete Design and Development of "My Templates Write-On Webpage Editor" for Online Edit of InDesign and Quark files using XML
  • Developed Image Manipulation Features for ImageDirector using JavaScript and DirectX
  • Environment: PHP, JavaScript, DHTML, XML, CSS; MySQL; Apache; Visual Basic.NET; Linux, Mac OS X, Windows XP, 2000, 9x, Subversion CVS
Wireless App. Developer - Maia Mobile - Vancouver, BC 09/02 - 06/03
  • Provided Software Design & Development of Several SMS Based Wireless Services with Message Master 6
  • Provided Administration and Troubleshooting on Server-and Client-side
  • Environment: Java, JSP, XML, HTML, JavaScript, SQL; Message Master 6.0, MS SQL Server, Apache/Tomcat Server; Windows 2000 Server
Software Engineer - Various Companies - European Union 02/98 - 04/02
  • Participated as a Software Engineer on a Variety of Projects for Companies Like Siemens PSE, Microcell Communications, Minitel and the Lab of Computer Linguistics
  • Developed Software Solutions: Warehouse Management System and Software for Fully Automated Storage; Software Solutions for Insurance Industry; Natural Language Recognition and Generation Software; Computer Games used in TV Competitions
  • Environment: Java, JavaScript, C, C++, Assembly Language, Pascal; VSS; Oracle; Windows, Linux

Education and Training:

Bachelor of Science in Computer Sciences 2000
University of St. Cyril & Method - Trnava, Slovakia

Object Oriented Analyse & Design, UML 2000
Computer Information Systems - Bratislava, SVK

JAVA Training, QM in Siemens, Siemens Development Methods 1999 - 2000
Siemens PSE - Vienna, Austria