Radoslav Gazo, B.Sc.

Rado started off in Economics. Moved to Computer Science. And professionally worked many many years doing Software Engineering and System Architecture.

Rado also founded 3 companies of his own and helped build 3 other people's startups.

Formally Rado has a background in Computer Science, Mathematics and Economics.

Professionally he has had software engineering and software management roles.

As an engineer and architect, he has been everything from Principal Software Engineer, Senior System Architect, Lead Software Engineer, and Senior Software Engineer.

As a manager, he has been everything from CTO to Engineering Director.

While he was studying computer science at the university, Rado was working in the Laboratory of Computer Linguistics, developing algorithms for natural language recognition and generation

Rado's professional career in the software industry started at Minitel, where he worked as a Game Software Developer. Later, he joined the Financial Technology division at Siemens AG where he was creating software for Austrian insurance companies.

After moving to Canada in 2002 he joined Maia Mobile. Rado took on the role of Lead Software Engineer at Onison Corp. in 2003. In 2004 he became Senior Software Engineer at the online advertising network BidClix and stayed through the Accipiter and aQuantive acquisitions. This technology was later acquired by Microsoft due to their purchase of aQuantive and is now owned by Facebook.

Rado also consulted as a Senior Software Engineer & System Architect for a number years, creating technology for the real estate industry at Move's Top Producer, the oil and gas industry at Navarik, and others. In 2008 he founded 49 Research (with Charles Iliya Krempeaux), where he became Principal Software Engineer and later Engineering Director. Rado founded his 2nd company, FaveDeal, in 2011 where he became head of technology as CTO. In 2012 he joined HootSuite (while they were still a startup). Rado later joined Electronic Arts as Lead Software Engineer, where he was one of the original founders of one of EA's few advanced development teams. In 2015 he founded his 3rd company Droppeo, where he took on the role of CTO.


Rado has worked on projects in a variety of industries including: Advertising, Automation/Robotics, E-Commerce, Education, Finance, Gaming, Insurance, Linguistics, Oil & Gas, Real Estate, Shopping, Software, Social Media